Updated IPCs Provide Versatility

The updated 758 Series IPCs pair CoDeSys V2 software, Linux OS, IEC programming languages and multiple onboard fieldbus protocols for real-time control applications.

Aw 1242 1011 E Wago

A PC and PLC hybrid, the 758 Series IPCs are designed to offer a robust, scalable solution and network connectivity. The IPCs include traditional PC interfaces such as compact flash, USB, RS-232 and DVI ports. Independent Ethernet ports provide fieldbus connectivity; the IPCs also support Profibus and CANopen protocols. Direct connection to the 400+ specialty, analog and digital modules in the vendor’s I/O-System is also possible. Four IPC variants provide up to 256MB of RAM and up to 512MB flash memory for large system programs and extensive data logging. Developed for areas too harsh for traditional PCs, the 758 series IPCs offer passive cooling and non-rotating data storage media. The 758-875 IPC variant operates in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C.

Wago Corp.

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