Multilingual Video Presentations

Nov. 3, 2010
Red Lion Controls, Inc. announces their Multilingual video library, illustrating the powerful features of their HMI Crimson® 3.0 software and hardware products.

The videos demonstrate simple performance functions, including serial and Ethernet gateway functions, protocol conversion, data logging, web serving, email and text messaging.

Offering subtitles in English, French and Chinese, the videos offer easy-to-follow instruction for a wide range of users, and additional languages will be available in the future to better accommodate customers worldwide. Providing simple, step-by-step visual presentations, the Windows Media Video Presentations provide users with instructional information ranging from a demonstration of Crimson’s user-friendly workspace to detailed instructions on documenting and tracing system performance. The video presentations detail the following topics:

  • Crimson 3.0 Introduction (33.7MB): Illustrates Crimson’s power, flexibility and ease, explaining the updated software’s features and basic functions.
  • Crimson 3.0 Data Logging using Data Station Plus (27.6MB): Provides information on how to create and map data tags to an external device, giving users the tools to record a system’s performance for process improvement.
  • Crimson 3.0 Protocol Conversion using Data Station Plus (9.5MB): Details how users can save time and money by using a Data Station Plus to simplify communications and avoid dedicated programming of numerous PLCs and other devices.
  • Crimson 3.0 Web Server (45.8MB): Demonstrates the easy configuration of Red Lion products’ web server feature with Crimson 3.0 software, teaching users how to access data log files, and view and control all connected devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Crimson 3.0 Email and SMS Notification (28.6MB): Shows how to use Crimson software to enable and configure the built-in automatic email and text message capabilities, allowing users to monitor systems and equipment used at remote or unmanned locations.

"With its user-friendly operator interface, Crimson software makes it easy to program Red Lion’s versatile industrial control solutions, facilitating powerful configuration and control of operator interfaces and other devices." said Jesse Benefiel, Red Lion Product Manager. "In offering multilingual video presentations, we are reaching a wide range of users and providing them with instructions on how to best utilize their connected devices."

Red Lion’s video presentations highlight the company’s updated, free Crimson 3.0 configuration software, which contains a redesigned interface and a variety of features designed to make it even more functional and easy-to-use. With quick access to all areas of the database, Crimson’s innovative user interface offers many features including a universal drag-and-drop feature to transfer items within databases, web-style navigation tools, traceability of database errors and easy organization of tags, display pages and programs. The programming software is utilized with Red Lion’s G3 operator interfaces and G3 Kadet series of operator panels, the SX, GT and V2 models of the Modular Controller Master and Data Station Plus.

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