Safety Relay

The PSR-FSP process safety relay from Phoenix Contact is a safe coupling relay specifically designed to operate with fail-safe controls in process applications.

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Aw 1281 1011 Phoenix Contact Pr

This process safety relay can be used in applications up to a Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 3 requirement, according to IEC 61508.

The process safety relay meets the requirements of fail-safe control. The PSR-FSP is compatible with "test pulses" that occur on safe PLC/DCS outputs. Inrush requirement is limited for safe PLC/DCS output compatibility, and it has a built-in fuse for the safe output contact.

This SIL-rated relay is just 17.5 mm wide. It features a normally open (NO) redundant safety output and a normally closed status contact that can be externally connected. The maximum switched current of the NO contact is 5 A. The device also has an externally accessible 5 x 20 mm standard fuse to protect the load contact. Pluggable and coded screw or spring-cage terminals simplify the wiring.

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