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Banner Engineering Corp. introduces the EZ-LIGHT™ K80 Call Light, designed to optimize productivity in flexible manufacturing environments.

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The K80 Call Light is a simple solution for keeping parts bins stocked and the assembly line productive: It emits a flashing red signal from a large 50 mm dome—visible from 180 degrees—to notify stocking personnel when parts bin supplies must be replenished. This notification ensures parts bins are refilled before supplies are gone, allowing assembly and manufacturing line operators to sustain production.

In flexible manufacturing environments, operator stations and work cells must accommodate quick changes to assembly and manufacturing lines. Parts bins must also be mobile and easily configured to accommodate assembly realignment and modifications. Featuring a rugged pre-assembled housing and powered by two 9V batteries, the K80 Call Light can be placed in any area of a work cell—including areas where supplying power may prove difficult or costly for users. Providing a variety of mounting options, including Velcro®, bracketed or DIN-rail, the K80 Call Light is also easy to install. This combination of features yields a versatile, cost-effective call light solution for anywhere on the plant floor.

Key features of the EZ-LIGHT K80 Call Light include:

50 mm red dome, visible from 180 degrees
Flashes ON/OFF to indicate when supplies are needed
Battery powered for areas where supplying power is difficult or costly
Switch activated operation
Rugged pre-assembled housing for simple installation
Suitable for "Andon" applications
Long-lasting LED technology

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