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Electro-Sensors, Inc. announces the SG1000E Position Monitor, designed for measuring linear and rotary movement in clam shell bucket applications.

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The E-model is the newest addition to the company’s line of SG-Series Position Monitors, which measure rotary movement up to 6 turns as well as repetitive linear movement. With a complete monitoring system housed in a compact and rugged explosion-proof NEMA 4X enclosure, SG-Series Position Monitors provide accurate positional feedback for precise process control—even in harsh industrial applications. SG-Series Position Monitors work with electrically, pneumatically, hydraulically or manually driven shafts.

SG-Series Position Monitors are designed for rotary applications that require a full-scale rotation up to 6 full turns and as small as 5.6 degrees (approximately 1/64th-turn). Monitors can measure rotational position with an end-to-end rotation of precisely 360 degrees (exactly 1 full turn) before reversing or repeating. SG-Series Position Monitors also measure linear position in applications that feature a pneumatic or hydraulic actuator to drive end-to-end linear movement or where the driveshaft is not accessible.

SG-Series Position Monitors feature a 4-20mA output to provide independent and accurate positional feedback to an external device, such as a PLC or remote display. The optional remote display (TR400 SGA) offers two relays for desired gate or valve position indication and a 4-20mA proportional output. Plus, the non-volatile memory retains gate position in the event of a power loss.

Applications: Electro-Sensors’ SG-Series Position Monitors provide the precision and flexibility required by a broad range of industrial applications, including:

Clam shell buckets

Damper valves

Rotary valves


- Rack & pinion

- Hydraulically driven

- Pneumatically driven

Rotary distributors

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