Expanded Line of Process Measurement Devices

Oct. 28, 2010
AutomationDirect's ProSense line of process measurement devices now includes type J and type K thermocouples, more varieties of RTD sensors, and extension wire.

Thermocouple probes with connection heads feature cast aluminum NEMA 4 screw covers with captive gasket and stainless steel chain. The ¼" diameter probes are available with temperature sensing ranges of 32 to 1,330°F (Type J) or 32 to 1,700°F (Type K). Welded-style probes, in 6", 12" and 18" lengths, are bendable to adapt to installation requirements; spring-loaded probes are available in 4", 6" or 12" lengths. Prices start at $42.00.

Thermocouple welded and spring-loaded probes with ½" x ½" hex nipples allow easy replacement of existing probes and easy connection to wiring junction boxes. Available in 6", 12" or 18" lengths, the ¼" diameter welded style is bendable to adapt to installation requirements, while the spring-loaded style provides positive tip contact in thermowells. Prices start at $33.75.

Available thermocouple probes with pre-attached plugs feature 1/8" or 1/4" diameter sheaths in 6" 12" or 18" lengths; thermocouple probes with lead wire transition come with a six-foot heavy-duty lead wire. Temperature sensing ranges are 32 to 970°F or 32 to 1330°F (Type J) and 32 to 1700°F (Type K). Prices start at $17.25.

Type J or K thermocouple adjustable immersion sensors, ideal for plastics processing applications, feature a 32 to 900°F temperature range and 4, 6, or 10-foot lead wires; the spring and armor adjustable styles allow for variable immersion depths. Adjustable immersion sensors start at $16.00.

Bolt-on ring sensors are ideal for nozzles, extruder barrels, die heads, molds and other surface-mount sensing applications. Thermocouple bolt-on ring sensors with a 32 to 900°F temperature sensing range start at $15.25; RTD bolt-on ring sensors with a -58 to 572°F temperature sensing range are available for $54.00.

RTD probes feature ¼" diameter stainless steel sheaths with 100 ohm platinum three-wire elements. With a temperature sensing range of -58 to 572°F, the probes are available in 6", 12" or 18" lengths. Models available include welded and spring-loaded probes with cast aluminum NEMA 4 connection head and captive gasket, ¾" NPT conduit opening and stainless steel cover chain; probes with ½" x ½" hex nipples are available in welded and spring-loaded styles, allowing for easy replacement of existing probes and connection to wiring junction boxes. Also available are probes with pre-attached three-pin plugs for quick and easy wiring connection, as well as probes with lead wire transition or M12 connections. RTD probes start at $29.00. RTD thermowells are available for use with certain probes, starting at $23.50.

ProSense RTD sanitary Clean-in-place probes are designed to meet the stringent requirements of HTST pasteurization systems. These 4-inch probes are available in the standard ¼" diameter or with a 3/16" diameter reduced tip for greater durability in high-viscosity applications. The stainless steel probes have a -58 to 400°F temperature sensing range. Clean-in-place probes start at $89.00.

Two-conductor thermocouple extension wire for types J and K, in standard ASTM/ANSI colors, are available in convenient 50-foot and 100-foot lengths starting at $15.00. Also available is RTD extension wire which offers superior performance compared to "off-the-shelf" cable. Starting at $21.00, the three-conductor wire is available in 50-foot and 100-foot lengths.

Accessories for Thermocouples and RTDs include: thermowells, compression mounting fittings, bayonet adapters and thermocouple and RTD connectors. See the full ProSense line at www.automationdirect.com/temperature-sensors.

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