High resolution Ethernet IP encoders

EVM58 Ethernet IP encoders from Pepperl+Fuchs come with up to 25 bit resolution and provide highly-accurate machine position or velocity feedback via industry-standard Ethernet/IP interface.

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Available in single or multi-turn configurations, these rotary encoders are also compatible with a variety of PLC controllers, including industry-standard PLC products from Rockwell Automation, Allen Bradley and Schneider. The encoders deliver basic resolution up to 8192 steps/revolution (13 bits) and up to 4096 revolutions (12 bits), for overall resolution up to 25 bits. They provide a very high positional count value, which is useful for precisely dividing very long traverse distances into small measurable values. Come in standard 58mm diameter housings, with a solid 10mm shaft, and clamping flange design.

Pepperl + Fuchs
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