New Triconex General Purpose System Addresses SIL2 Needs Cost Effectively

A new, cost-effective Triconex General Purpose System is being rolled out in Expo Booth W2A at OpsManage`10.

Al Fung, director of product marketing, Invensys Operations Management, shows off the new Triconex General Purpose System during
Al Fung, director of product marketing, Invensys Operations Management, shows off the new Triconex General Purpose System during

The system, comprised of hardware, software and I/O control, allows plants to optimize their choice of safety levels for specific requirements. It enables them both to achieve high availability and to meet new safety standards. The new system is TÜV-certified for safety integrity level 2 (SIL 2) applications, and is an important new component of Invensys Operations Management's InFusion™ Enterprise Control System (ECS). Additionally, it is Achilles-certified against cyber attack.

"The new Triconex system delivers secure high-availability in a variety of complex safety applications, as well as offering secure integration with other systems," said Rick Morse, Vice President, Control and Safety, Invensys Operations Management. "By providing the highest system availability and reliability in the market today, we can help protect plant personnel, secure production assets and achieve compliance with rigorous environmental standards, thereby driving environment and safety excellence,"

The versatility of the new Triconex General Purpose System enables businesses to fulfill requirements for critical control applications needing high availability, for example, turbomachinery control, as well as such SIL 2 applications as emergency shutdown, fire and gas protection and burner management.

The Triconex General Purpose system addresses the needs of many businesses to improve operational excellence by maximizing gross margins, product quality and financial performance, yet reduce operating expenses. At the same time, stringent health, regulatory and environmental compliance issues are driving an even greater focus on safety.

The General Purpose System is compatible with Invensys' Triconex Tricon and Triconex Trident safety systems that meet SIL 3 requirements. High-availability architecture means that any Triconex safety system never needs to stop, improving clients' performance and profitability and allowing them to generate more revenue.

"We're finding more and more sites that are exploring how to move certain processes from SIL3 to SIL2," Morse added. "These sites remain emphatically focused on safety, but many operations just don't need the training, procedural and documentation overhead of SIL3 to remain available and safe. Our new system offers them the hallmark reliability Triconex-plus a complete library and proven applications-at a lower price point than SIL3 systems."

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