Photoluminescent Glow-In-The-Dark Cables, Power Cords, and Retractiles

Northwire Technical Cable, an innovative solutions provider in the marketing, design and manufacture of technical and retractile cables, has introduced ElectriGlow Photoluminescent Glow-In-The-Dark Cables, Power Cords and Retractiles.

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ElectriGlow is the first industrial photoluminescent glow cable and is ideal for power, industrial networking, control, data, communication, architectural lighting and electric hybrid vehicle charging, and other applications. Guaranteed to perform in harsh environments, custom ElectriGlow Cables can be designed to ship in five days with no minimum order length or quantity requirements. ElectriGlow Cable will glow for more than 22 hours.

"ElectriGlow has inherent safety attributes and can reduce tripping and other hazards. It is unlimited in its potential uses - from industrial safety, RV parks, marina and boating use to decorative lighting in a trendy night club," says Mike Conger, president of Northwire. "Whatever the use, unique ElectriGlow provides high performance, a bright, long-lasting glow and unparalleled durability."

ElectriGlow Photoluminescent Glow-In-The-Dark Cables, Power Cords and Retractiles are engineered to withstand abrasion, crush, oils, chemicals and extreme temperatures from -60°C to 105°C, depending on the material and design configurations.

ElectriGlow is available as electrical PVC power cord, non-UL TPU retractile cord and abrasion-, oil- and chemical-resistant non-UL TPU/TPE for control, communication, data and power. The PVC cord qualifies on all UL 62 tests, flame FT1 VW1, horizontal and AWM1061. The PVC cord also passes the UL 62 cold bend test at -20°C. The TPU/TPE material passes UL 62 at -60°C.

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