Rugged, Touch Panel PCs

TPC-651H and TPC-1251H fanless touch panel computers come with an Intel Atom eMenlow XL processor, -20 ~ 60°C operating temperatures, and a front-sealed design providing advanced IP65 protection.

Aw 1368 1010 Advant
The 651H has a 5.7-in. SVGA TFT LCD while the 1251H has a 12-in. SVGA TFT LCD. Both provide 2KV isolation protection for all serial ports and have a low-voltage processor and heat sink to achieve a fanless design. Their backplanes are universal and can be attached to any size TPC family LCD. Both provide multiple communication ports (2x serial ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports), allowing connectivity with a variety of peripherals and support for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE.Net, Windows 7, WES 7, WES 2009 and Linux.

Advantech Corp.
Industrial Automation Group

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