High-voltage Ethernet Switches

High-voltage versions of four of the vendor’s 700 Series of fully managed Industrial Ethernet switches are now available.

Aw 1369 1010 Ntron
With up to six fiber ports in a small form factor, the new series provides the ability to configure fiber rings and fiber uplinks in an ultra compact, very cost effective solution, says the vendor. Fiber optic communication provides excellent noise immunity for environments where high electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a factor. The fiber connection also supports links over extended distances, up to 80km. Their ultra compact size and versatile mounting options allow these affordable switches to be used anywhere on the network, even in areas where space is very limited. Starting prices range from $1,180 for the 709FX-HV Fully Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch with eight auto sensing 10/100BaseTX Ports and one 100Base Fiber port, to $2,340 for the 712FX4-HV, which includes four 100Base Fiber ports.

N-Tron Corp.

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