Handheld Scanner Breaks Ground

As the next-generation DataMan handheld industrial ID scanner, the DataMan 8000 Series is designed for the factory floor.

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It offers what is billed as the industry’s most advanced code reading technology, using patented IDMax technology for reading 1D and 2D codes regardless of size, quality, printing method or surface. The DataMan 8000 Series also offers two new innovations for an industrial handheld code reader: modular communications (including Ethernet) and liquid lens variable focus technology. “The DataMan 8000 Series represents a true breakthrough for industrial handheld readers,” said Carl Gerst, Business Unit Manager for ID Products.  “In addition to its powerful code reading capability and rugged design, the DataMan 8000 Series communicates easily with factory networks and ERP systems for real-time traceability, and the automatic variable focus enables operators to use the system close up for very small 2D Data Matrix direct part marks and at a distance to read longer 1D barcodes.”
Cognex Corp.

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