Rigid-geared SCARA Robots

Billed as an industry first for SCARA robots, the TH-A Series is equipped with highly rigid gears for each axis.

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Proven successful in 6-axis robots, these gears provide quicker acceleration/deceleration, a longer life span and easier maintenance, says the vendor. Three TH-A SCARA robot models are offered—the TH650A, the TH850A and the TH1050A. TH-A Series Robots are nearly identical to the vendor’s TH Series Robots, with the exception of the gears and the robot’s working envelope. Axis one and axis two of the TH-A combine to provide an unprecedented near 360º working area, says the vendor. The TH-A’s arms are rigidly constructed of aluminum casting, and span from 650mm to 1,200mm. Payloads range from 10kg to 20kg.

Toshiba Machine Co.

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