Plug-and-play RFID

IO-Link-based RFID systems promise to making connecting RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems to networks as easy as connecting discrete I/O—without adding additional cost.

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The IO-Link protocol allows users to connect a complex device such as an RFID processor to an industrial network via a gateway using standard discrete sensor wiring, making it a simple plug-and-play operation. The IO-Link block treats the RFID data like standard I/O points. Users can reduce costs by running multiple RFID readers off one I/O block using standard, 3-conductor sensor cables. Compared to RS232 barcode applications that require costly shielded RS232 cables and RS232 communication modules for the PLC, the IO-Link solution uses cost-equivalent IO-Link-based RFID heads and processors, but offers 100% data reliability that the barcode readers do not, says the vendor. In addition, the IO-Link-based solution can replace the I/O enclosure, four shielded cordsets, and a 4-port RS232 PLC module with a single IO-Link Expansion Module and four 3-conductor, non-shielded cordsets.

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