High-density Machine-mountable I/O

IP 67-rated high-density EtherCat Box modules feature 16 channels, doubling the previous maximum of 8 channels.

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The moisture- and dust-resistant high-density EtherCat Box modules for mounting directly on machines significantly reduce cabling effort and the price per channel. Designed for integration directly into any EtherCat network, the high-density EtherCat Boxes feature an exactly double housing width of 5x2.4x1-in. (126x60x26.5mm), offering suitable space for 16 digital inputs or outputs. The modules are fitted with rugged M8 or M12 sockets for the signal connections. Because the number of channels per EtherCat Box is doubled, the user saves time and cost, both with the EtherCat cabling and the power cabling.

Beckhoff Automation LLC

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