Distributed I/O Provides Savings

The Allen-Bradley 1799-ER dual-port EtherNet/IP DIO board is an embedded distributed I/O (DIO) board that features dual EtherNet/IP ports, which allow users to implement a linear topology to reduce cabling costs.

Aw 1382 1010 Rockwl
It also features redundant wiring to help users avoid process downtime and a built-in managed switch to help improve management of I/O traffic. The 1799-ER DIO board’s universal inputs and user-selectable outputs maximize I/O channel utilization. The product’s expansion module, designed with a mounting methodology that allows for I/O count expansion without increasing the board’s overall footprint, also reduces costs by helping users precisely match I/O needs. The 1799-ER board automatically detects the expansion module connection and provides the necessary electronic data sheet (EDS) files embedded within it.

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