Flexible, Modular Ethernet Switch

The Scalance XR-324 managed industrial Ethernet switch offers modularity and high-port density in a compact, 19-in. rack housing that is well suited for rugged industrial applications.

Aw 1431 1009 S Siemns

Available in four models that connect to 24VDC or 110-230VAC, the Scalance XR-324 is intended to provide manufacturers and system integrators with a high-performance switch that integrates plant floor networks with enterprise networks via a high-speed Gigabit backbone. Specifically designed for 19-in. cabinets with 12 slots, each slot in the XR-324 can accommodate a selection of 2-port electrical or optical (10/100/1000Mbit/s) media modules. The optical media modules are available with single mode or multimode fiber. They are also available with small form factor pluggable (SFP) media modules with LC type connectors. Advanced management features include link aggregation, VLAN and IGMP snooping and query.

Siemens Industry Inc.

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