Fast, Transparent Object Detection

The SA1E-X models of photoelectric sensors feature advanced optic function for transparent or translucent object detection, with optimum response speed of 500μs said to be one of the fastest on the market.

Aw 1434 1009 S Idec

The SA1E-X transparent models feature a coaxial optic and narrow beam to ensure stable detection. They can reliably detect objects with irregular surfaces and are not affected by angle, inclination or shaking of the target object. Even objects as far as 2m can be detected. SA1E-X transparent models were developed to solve challenging applications such as sensing of plastic, glass and other transparent bottles, transparent film for packaging, and wafer displacement. A choice of NPN or PNP outputs is available, as well as a choice of Dark ON or Light ON operation modes. All SA1E sensors are IP67 rated, UL/c-UL listed and CE marked.

IDEC Corp.

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