Wireless Hydrocarbon Leak Monitoring

The Rosemount 702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter with Tyco Thermal Controls’ TraceTek technology is designed to allow operators to quickly and inexpensively add hydrocarbon leak detection and monitoring to their operations.

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The integration of the vendor’s Smart Wireless technology and Tyco TraceTek leak detection sensors enables cost-effective liquid hydrocarbon leak detection for single tanks, large tank farms and pipelines. TraceTek sensors react to contact with a liquid hydrocarbon and send a discrete signal to the Rosemount 702 wireless transmitter that is transmitted wirelessly back to the control system. The combination can let users ensure that their operations comply with government regulations and that valuable hydrocarbons are not wasted. Distant tanks, pipelines and valves can now be monitored without the need to run expensive signal wires back to the control room, saving up to 60% of the total system cost, says the vendor.

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