MEGA Series AC Drive Released to American Market

Fuji Electric Corporation of America (FECOA) is proudly announcing the MEGA series AC drive to American market.

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Aw 1493 1008 Fuji Pr

MEGA is the newest series full performance sensor-less Vector control AC drive from Fuji Electric. Packed with optimized features and simple intuitive start up, MEGA is ideal for virtually all industrial and commercial AC drive applications.

Product Features:
• Multi-rated specification providing solution from ½ HP to 1000HP
• Designed for both Constant and Variable Torque applications
• Utilization of Fuji’s own industry leading IGBT technology
• Configurable Overload capability from 120% to 200%
• Optional keypad with USB port
• Corrosion Protection,
• Built in Customizable Logic
• EN954 Safety Input,
• Industry leading MTBF

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