Industrial-Grade 5-Port USB Hub with High-Isolation

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the USB-4620 industrial-grade USB hub with five USB 2.0 ports.

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The USB-4620 has isolation protection up to 3,000 Vdc for each downstream port, making every USB device connected with the USB-4620 safe and protected.

Though the standard USB cable is made for easy plugging and removing, it is critical to have reliable connections while operating for automation control and online production applications. Advantech combines these two attributes into its USB module with a lockable casing accessory for type A USB connectors. Each device then can be connected to the USB-4620 easily and resist vibration at the same time, rising the convenience and reliability of the control system

The USB-4620 can be mounted many different ways such as, DIN-rail, wall-mount, and VESA mount. For more information or to purchase, please contact Advantech directly at 1-800-205-7940 or your regional Advantech authorized distributor.

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