4D Theater Uses Actuators for Motion Simulation Requirements

Exlar Corporation announces its award to provide linear actuators for the 6 degree-of-freedom motion bases in a South Korea museum theatre for 4D entertainment.

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Gridspace Corporation, South Korea, chose Exlar’s I-Series actuators over ball screw actuators for this demanding application to satisfy many motion simulation requirements. Motion bases require servo control for accuracy and repeatability, smooth and precise positioning, overall long life and, further, the I-Series actuator gives the customer flexibility to mount any motor to the actuator. Visit www.gridspace.co.kr/ for more information.

Exlar I Series Linear actuators provide the following benefits:

- Millions of cycles without re-lubrication or maintenance
- Roller screws offer 15 times longer life than ball screws
- Less noise than other motion technologies
- Less energy consumption than fluid power with electric actuation
- Accurate and repeatable positioning
- Wide variety of mounting styles
- High cycle rates
- Multiple stroke lengths 

Exlar’s roller screw technology was chosen over alternative solutions and can deliver the stringent requirements that are needed to make simulator applications such as this successful.

View the I-Series actuators in action at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18VVKj6okvo

Exlar Corporation - www.exlar.com

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