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Windows Embedded Standard with Latest Embedded Platforms

The new release of Windows Embedded Standard 7 includes powerful and innovative features like improved touch interface support.

Aw 1528 1007 Advantech Pr5

It is ideally suited for multi purpose applications that employ touchscreens, such as those used in kiosks, medical, transportation and military fields. To help our customers succeed with quicker development and turnover times, Advantech offers a full range of the latest Intel® Core™ i7/Atom processor series embedded boards, and are compatible with Windows Embedded Standard 7. They also incorporate unique utilities and software API's to make them easier to use and integrate. These advanced boards deliver better user experience—all on a solid platform to bring your products to market quickly and efficiently.

New Features Expand User Experience
- Windows XP Mode An environment for existing legacy applications for Windows XP.
- Windows Touch Visual feedback for touch and multi-touch gestures.
- BitLocker™ and BitLocker To Go™ Data encryption with removable devices supported.
- Windows Update Toolkit for add-on feature packages, language packs, drivers, and software updates.
- Embedded Specific Features Run-time image, device updates, remote management and hardware monitoring.

Exclusive Advantech Features
- Booting Manager Utility Easier to change and control WES 7 with the Windows shell and bootup process.
- EWF/FBWF Manager Utility Graphical User Interface to configure embedded features easier.

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