User-Friendly Product Catalog on Precision Motion Control Solutions

Nexen Group Inc. introduces their new product catalog, containing 386 pages of updated product information from the company’s extensive line of precision motion control solutions and power transmission products.

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As an industry leader in pneumatic clutch and brake technology, Nexen’s catalog provides detailed product information and images of brakes, clutches, clutch/brakes, tension control clutches and brakes, servomotor brakes, torque limiters and web tension controls. Featuring updated images, graphics and a user-friendly design, the product catalog allows customers to easily identify desired product information.

The new product catalog features Nexen’s air actuated clutches and brakes, highlighting their advantages over electrically actuated units:

Efficiency: Air does not generate heat during extended clutch or brake engagement. As a result, air clutches and brakes provide greater torque transmission and thermal capacity.
Productivity: Due to greater thermal capacity, air clutches and brakes have a longer operating life.
Cost savings: Air clutches and brakes are more cost efficient because it takes less energy to run an air compressor. Air powered components also last longer, resulting in fewer repairs and replacements.

In addition to the superior capabilities of air clutches and brakes, the new product catalog provides customers with product solutions for a wide range of industrial applications, including:

• Food and beverage processing
• Aerospace
• Robotics
• Machine tool
• Automotive
• Packaging
• Material handling
• Transfer equipment
• Inspection equipment
• Injection molding equipment

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