Actuators Add EtherNet/IP

The vendor’s Tritex II linear and rotary actuators have added EtherNet/IP capability, with the accompanying ODVA Declaration of Conformity to the EtherNet/IP Specification.

Aw 1538 1008 E Exlr

This communication link to a PLC or HMI enables operators to send and receive data in a timely manner to operate the Tritex II actuator with a machine automation control system. Highlights of the EtherNet/IP implementation include: transfer of 100 input and 100 output 16 bit registers;  EtherNet/IP register mapping and configuration set-up through the Tritex Expert software interface, allowing access to any parameter; connection through industrial standard M12 Ethernet connector; connectivity to Rockwell PLCs that support implicit or explicit messaging; connectivity to any other EtherNet/IP Master/Server device (HMI, PLC or other automation control system) that supports EtherNet/IP.

Exlar Corp.

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