I/O Terminals Integrate Multimeters

The EL3681 and KL3681 I/O terminals include digital multimeters integrated directly into I/O nodes to provide a streamlined and low-cost alternative to stand-alone digital multimeters.

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The modules are designed to provide high precision and simple, high-resistance measurement from 300mV to 300V and cost just $305 each. Using the digital multimeter terminals with fieldbus interface for measuring current and voltage, measured values can be processed directly in the I/O system or by the master controller. These dynamic measuring terminals are available for both the vendor’s Bus Terminal system (KL3681), which offers support for most major fieldbuses, as well as for the high performance EtherCat Terminal system (EL3681). Automatic adjustment of the measurement range simplifies use and reduces stock levels. The digital multimeter terminals measure DC and AC voltages.

Beckhoff Automation LLC

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