Drives Add Ethernet Protocols

The e100 servo motor drive family has been re-engineered to become compatible with three industrial Ethernet standards—EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Powerlink—as well as standard TCP/IP networks and the vendor’s Mint system building environment.

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The drives offer system builders a choice of servo motor, closed-loop vector or V/Hz motor control modes, combined with an array of features and configuration options that provide versatility of use. The new drives are versions of the vendor’s e100 single- and three-phase drives. “Our new drives support multiple standards—out-of-the-box—at no extra cost and without any need for plug-in cards,” says Product Manager David Greensmith. “They provide system builders with a universal drive platform that can be used in many different ways to suit different customers and applications—from standalone motion control systems to networked systems hosted by PLCs or other devices.”

Baldor Electric Co.

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