Panels, IPCs Expand HMI Line

The iX HMI solution has been enhanced by a broader range of panels and industrial PCs and some software additions.

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The iX software is available in developer and runtime packages in versions for 250, 2,000 and 4,000 external tags as well as an upgrade version regardless of tag size. The iX software is supported by the next generation of operator panels and industrial PCs—the iX Panel, the iX Panel Pro and the iX Panel Pro Nautic. The iX Panels combine high-performance with a robust IP66 lightweight aluminum construction, include iX runtime software, and are offered in both keypad and touchscreen models. The iX Panel Pro and iX Panel Pro Nautic series feature industrial class C2D CPU performance and relevant nautical certifications. Multiple communication ports and expansion slots are said to make this an HMI well suited for machine builders and system integrators. Both series include the iX runtime installed, and feature models with high-contrast TFT touch displays and a Box PC version.

Beijer Electronics Inc

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