Automate Security Compliance

Compliance Manager, a security process automation and information management system, is designed to enable utility and industrial control system managers to cost-effectively implement and sustain best practices that assure system security, availability and compliance to corporate and industry security standards such as NERC CIP.

Compliance Manager,  with associated Sensor and Collector technologies, is  specifically built to operate with critical automation systems (SCADA, EMS/DMS, DCS/PCS) and industrial end-point devices without impacting  performance and availability. Among benefits, Compliance Manager automates data gathering, normalization, archiving and reporting; integrates and streamlines compliance processes via a single “pane of glass” across disparate environments; enables annual repeatable and efficient audit processes; monitors for real-time threats; reduces manpower by eliminating manual data collection; and improves operational efficiencies around configuration, asset and patch management.

Industrial Defender Inc.

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