Module Adds WirelessHart Capability

The XDM2510H is a WirelessHart-compliant RF module that is built on the Dust Networks IA-510(H) WirelessHart system.

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As such, the XDM2510H is designed to offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a quick path to add WirelessHart to their products. The XDM2510H module provides a UART serial port for connection to sensors and an RF connector for antenna connection, thereby removing the need for any RF engineering by OEMs, and with the XDM2510H module certifications in the USA, Canada and Europe (pending), no type acceptance testing is required of the OEMs’ end products.  The vendor’s XG2510HE gateway product completes the network solution, allowing connection either locally or anywhere across the Internet.

RF Monolithics Inc.

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