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High-density Modbus/TCP Remote I/O solution

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the APAX-5070, a high-density Modbus/TCP Remote I/O solution.

Aw 1582 1007 Advantech Pr4

This Modbus/TCP coupler module allows any PC, controller, or HMI device that supports the Modbus/TCP protocol to easily and cost-effectively add remote I/O functionality to access data and perform read and write actions.

The APAX-5070 is equipped with two RJ-45 ports with the same IP address which can build daisy chains to connect remote I/O devices directly without an additional Ethernet switch.

The APAX-5070 features flexible Modbus address mapping which allow users to allocate mapping automatically or manually to minimize the data size transferred between APAX-5070 and Modbus/TCP master and shortens data response time. The APAX-5070 can perform alarms without a controller, only the help of a utility to control the output module based on input conditions, making it more intelligent. The APAX-5070 allows connection to digital I/O modules (max. 768 points) or analog I/O modules (max.192 points) with a large connecting capacity, effectively allowing users to build cost-effective remote I/O systems.

For more information or to purchase, please contact Advantech directly or your regional Advantech authorized distributor.

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