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Pluggable Terminal Block Connectors

WAGO Corporation's new 2020 and 2022 Series X-COM®S Pluggable Connector Systems merge touchproof, pre-wired assemblies with TOPJOB®S terminal blocks.

Aw 1598 1007 Wago Pr

X-COM®S combines pluggable connectors, DIN-rail blocks and CAGE CLAMP®S connection to streamline and eliminate wiring errors during panel- and machine-building.

Prior to machine shipment, X-COM®S simulates field wiring for machine testing. X -COM®S then provides fast, error-free wiring for re-assembly at the end-location. During final install, X-COM®S provides PLC-to-terminal block wiring and pluggable connections for cabinet door accessories, e.g., push-buttons, to terminal blocks.

X-COM®S shares a common profile with TOPJOB®S terminal blocks - which is up to 30% more compact than other blocks - and accessories including jumpers, test plugs and marking. X-COM®S provides simple push-in termination for solid or ferruled conductors; for other types, a screwdriver opens the clamping unit for insertion. Upon install, ground (earth) X-COM®S models automatically make contact with the DIN-rail.

The X-COM®S terminal blocks are available in single- or double-deck configurations with 3.5 or 5.2mm pin spacing; modular female plugs are available in 1- and 2- Conductor entries up to 15 poles. 1-conductor/1-pin, 2-conductor/1-pin, 2-conductor/2-pin and ground (earth) blocks are also available.

WAGO Corporation -

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