HMI Solution with State-of-the-art Graphics and Solid Functionality

Industrial visualization is in a state of change.

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Now, industrial user interfaces take inspiration from consumer-oriented products like personal computers, mobile phones and MP3 players with advanced 3D graphics, as well as icon based navigation and controls. However, impressive user interfaces have a broader value beyond the good looks. They motivate users and operators to interact with the working environment in a postivie way, which leads to a more efficient work flow and reduced downtime - both factors which lead to increased productivity.

A common look and feel among the products, graphics and environments that represent a corporation's ideas and vision contribute to brand distinction and consistent customer experiences. The new iX HMI solution from Beijer Electronics lifts the concept of an HMI solution from merely being a functional add-on, to becoming an integral part of a user experience by adding the right look and feel with advance 3D-style graphics, icon based navigation and controls.

iX is the innovative HMI solution allowing you to express your ideas with a strong combination of state-of-the art graphics and solid HMI functionality. iX offers the experience of smarter design and engineering tools, and a truly open platform. iX covers the gap between proprietary operator panels and cost-intensive SCADA solutions. The iX software is supported by the next generation of Beijer Electronics' award-winning operator panels and industrial PCs.

Project engineers enjoy vector-based graphics, enabling them to scale and rotate objects, which stay crystal clear without jagged edges or inconsistent color transitions. The import of WPF objects and .Net controls allows use of the vast resources behind Microsoft's .Net framework. Add drop shadows, bevels and choose opacity of objects in addition to other graphical effects to create an attractive user environment.

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