Sensors Fit in Tight Places

Designed to simplify the precise measurement of conductivity in cramped industrial process and manufacturing operations, the Model S10 and S17 Universal Toroidal Conductivity Sensors feature a standard measurement range from 50mS to 1000mS.

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These inductive sensors are built with the toroids in line with the axis of the sensor instead of perpendicular to the axis as is commonly employed, allowing the smaller diameter and shorter inductive path length. With a compact 0.75-inch (19.05mm) diameter sensor body, the Model S10 and S17 Conductivity Sensors are well-suited for use in tight places. They operate effectively in pipes as small as 1.5-in. (38.1mm) in diameter, says the vendor, which is up to 5 times smaller than typical conductivity measurement devices. Featuring a rugged Kynar PVDF plastic body that is sealed, the Model S10 and S17 Conductivity Sensors are suitable for harsh industrial applications.

Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.

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