Reduced-cost Flow Controller

Sharing the same advanced core sensor technology as the Smart-Trak 100, the Smart-Trak 50 flow controller is available at nearly half the price with expedited off-the-shelf delivery at no extra charge.

Aw 1613 1007 P Sierra
This performance/price advantage was made possible by reducing the number of mass flow controller parts by almost 50%, automating calibration around slightly reduced accuracy and leveraging R&D costs against already developed and proven sensor, valve and LFE technology. Delivery has been streamlined through stocking the seven most common flow ranges. The Smart-Trak 50 is designed to deliver accuracy of +/-1.5% FS, repeatability of +/-0.25% FS, 300 millisecond response time and 0-50 slpm (nlpm) range in one compact footprint. It comes with 316L SS wetted materials, field zero and span adjust, analog outputs as well as RS-232 and RS-485 with optional large local display and two DB9 connectors.

Sierra Instruments Inc.

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