Get Your Wireless Prepackaged

Two versions are available of what is billed as the first complete Wireless in a Box solution for the industrial market.

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An Ethernet version is designed to enable quick and easy deployment of wireless Ethernet, while an I/O version is aimed at the fast installation of multi-point wireless direct I/O. Both Wireless in a Box solutions are designed to provide complete wireless connectivity for remote monitoring and sensing applications, and are NEMA 4X and IP67 rated. The Ethernet solution is available in either a stainless steel or plastic enclosure, and features a wireless Ethernet (WiFi) 2.4Ghz modem, which can function as an access point, bridge, client or router. The enclosure also includes: power supply, circuit protection, surge protection, terminal blocks, ground blocks, antenna, antenna connection cables and through-panel cable glands. The I/O version of “Wireless in a Box” is comprised of two pre-assembled plastic enclosures. Each enclosure contains a power supply, circuit protection, surge protection, antenna, antenna connection cables and terminal blocks. In addition to these components, one enclosure houses a 900MHz transmitter, and the second enclosure houses a 900MHz receiver.


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