ScopeCorder Ups the Speed Ante

The DL850 is the next generation of the vendor’s family of ScopeCorders: versatile instruments that combine the benefits of a high-speed oscilloscope and those of a traditional data acquisition recorder in a single, portable instrument.

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Compared to earlier ScopeCorder units, the DL850 features higher-speed acquisition over a larger number of channels, the ability to carry out real-time recording, a powerful user interface, and a comprehensive range of PC interfacing capabilities for wider functionality and ease of use. With acquisition speeds up to 100 megasamples per second (MS/s), it achieves ten times the sample rate, display and memory handling speeds as its predecessor. A key feature for electrical measurements is the isoPRO 1kV isolated input module, which, when combined with the 100 MS/s acquisition speed and the 12-bit resolution, makes the DL850 well-suited to measurements on high-speed switching inverters. The DL850 ScopeCorder can accommodate up to 128 channels. It measures 355x259x180mm and weighs 6.5 kg. Prices start from $6,995.

Yokogawa Test & Measurement

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