Machine Automation in a Box

Lean Automation Packs deliver fully integrated, pre-engineered solutions for small machines, cutting design and installation time by 50% compared to components sourced from separate suppliers, says the vendor.

Aw 1632 1007 Omron
Each pack builds a complete, compact and scalable high-performance solution to handle either speed control with an AC drive (inverter) or position control with a servo drive and motor. All packs contain the vendor’s CP1L micro programmable controller, NV3Q color operator interface terminal, CX-One Lite software, sample programs for most commonly used functions, time-saving Quick Start setup guide, S8JX power supply, cables and components. “This is an industry first, offering a complete machine solution in one box that can be scaled up easily to handle more axes, more I/O and additional communication paths” contends Kevin O’Connor, vice president of North American Sales. Lean Automation Packs are priced 25% less than ordering the components separately.

Omron Industrial Automation

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