Integrated Driver/Motor Cuts Costs

The Saia Compact Driver is a fully integrated step driver/motor solution intended to reduce design and integration time, and improve device performance compared with traditional stepper solutions.

Aw 1635 1007 Johnson
This comes by virtue of reduced parts count and greater immunity to electromagnetic interference, says the vendor. Where space and power is at a premium, the Compact Driver’s low power consumption and small footprint make it an attractive motion solution for battery-powered portable devices. The Compact Driver provides 3-wire operation of 28mm Saia motors, including UCL and UCE linear step motors, and UCD and UCB rotary step motors. The linear Compact Driver solution can provide forces from 0.1 to 50N with a step resolution down to 0.021mm and distances up to 150mm. The rotary Compact Driver solution can be combined with a Saia UGA, UGD or UGM gearbox to obtain higher torque and RPM outputs, and increase step resolution, all from the same integrated driver board.

Johnson Electric

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