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Panel PC for a Wide Performance Range

The new B&R Panel PC 800 covers a performance range from energy efficient Intel® Atom™ N270 processors to Core2™ Duo processors for applications with the highest performance requirements.

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Brilliant 15" XGA and 19" SXGA touch screen displays provide a simple and intuitive user interface.

Intel® Atom™ processor for cost optimization
Based on the Intel® 945 GME chipset, the PPC800 with Intel® Atom™ N270 1.6 GHz processor is unbeatable in regard to optimizing the price/performance ratio. Up to 3 GB SDRAM ensure fast processing of memory intensive programs.

Core2™ Duo processors for highest demands
Powerful Dual Core processors are used for applications that place high demands on computing power. For this purpose, technologies ranging from Core2™ Duo CPUs to Core2™ Duo T9400 2.53 GHz processors with the new GM45 chipset are available. This new processor/chipset combination achieves top benchmark results not only because of the higher clock frequencies and the large L2 cache, but also because of the new infrastructure that is optimized for the highest possible data throughput. This includes the 1066 MHz system bus, dual channel DDR3 memory support and a powerful graphics chipset.

Fan-free and maintenance-free
The Panel PC 800 can be operated with Core2™ Duo processors without a fan. The chipset, processor and other components are connected directly to the heat sink using heat conductive materials. Maintenance work such as exchanging air filters is therefore a thing of the past.

Various options can be selected
Many options can be implemented for the cost-optimized basic device. This includes up to two PCI and PCI Express slots, modular drives and additional fieldbus interfaces. The integrated UPS allows the PC system to be shut down properly without data loss.

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