Enhanced Counters/Timers Do More

By combining panel meter features and expanding capabilities, the vendor has reduced the total number of available units in the Cub7 line of counters and timers from 24 to 12 models, enabling their use across a broader range of applications.

Aw 1692 1006 S Redlion

Compact Cub7 counters and timers are available in two input formats—low voltage (28VDC max) and high voltage (50-250VAC max)—and offer three liquid crystal display options to further enhance visibility: reflective, red backlight and green backlight. Enhanced Cub7 counters and timers feature front-panel keypads that can be used to reset the display. Standard Cub7 models provide 22-gauge wires for external connections, and an optional wiring terminal block is available for customers who prefer wiring terminals. The Cub7 series is powered by an internal lithium battery, said to deliver up to seven years of uninterrupted operation.

Red Lion Controls Inc.

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