WirelessHart Adapter Debuts

The Bullet is a WirelessHart adapter that enables existing wired Hart field devices from any supplier to communicate with host applications without wires by means of WirelessHart technology.

Aw 1704 1006 Mactk
The Bullet is installed permanently by wiring it directly to a standard Hart field device, or connecting it anywhere on the 4-20mA current loop with a junction box. A wired Hart field device retrofitted with the Bullet communicates its analog process variable over the existing wiring to the existing DCS with no wiring changes. The Bullet simultaneously communicates the digital PV and device diagnostic information over the WirelessHart network. Features include an ability to multi-drop up to 8 measurement devices using a single Bullet. The Bullet is now available for use in non-hazardous areas. The IS and Ex-proof models are scheduled for early third-quarter availability.

MACTek Corp.

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