OPC Server Connects I/O

The Model ACMBTCP-OPC software package is offered as an affordable Modbus/TCP Master OPC DA Server to help engineers quickly integrate the vendor’s Ethernet I/O modules into a control system communicating over Ethernet.

Aw 1705 1006 Acromg
Exclusively for use with the vendor’s I/O, it delivers high-speed connectivity to BusWorks and EtherStax Modbus TCP/IP slave devices via Ethernet for just $199. The OPC software can be used as a data server to any HMI or SCADA package that is OPC compliant or to custom-built Visual Basic/C++ applications. It is compatible with National Instruments LabView, Wonderware InTouch, Rockwell RSView, CitectSCADA and other popular process control software packages. Among features of the software, unique read/write tag optimization algorithms provide unmatched data-transfer speeds between OPC server and hardware devices, according to the vendor.

Acromag Inc.

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