VNC Enables HMI Remote Access

A new capability in the vendor’s human-machine interfaces (HMIs) allows them to be remotely controlled and monitored with laptops, desktop PCs, touch pads, and cell phones such as the iPhone, Droid and Blackberry.

Aw 1709 1006 Maple
The HMIs have a VNC (virtual network computing) server that makes that remote access possible. That means users can communicate with an Ethernet-connected HMI via any device that has Internet access and a VNC client capability. HMIs available with the remote operational capability include 7-, 10.2-, 10.4-, 12-, and 15-in. units. The HMIs come with bright, high-resolution displays with 65,000 colors (standard and widescreen), analog touchscreens; USB, serial and Ethernet ports; and an option to configure in either portrait or landscape mode.

Maple Systems Inc.

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