Firewall Protects Safety Systems

Said to be the first firewall that protects integrated applications based on OPC Classic, the Triconex/Tofino OPC firewall is designed to harden the vendor’s Triconex industrial safety systems against network accidents and attacks.

Aw 1713 1006 Invnsys
Triconex safety systems include embedded OPC servers within their Tricon communications module (TCM). To ensure that these modules are cyber secure, the vendor teamed with Byres Security Inc. to create a firewall specifically for Triconex systems. The two companies enlisted the services of MTL Instruments to build the security hardware. Users can deploy the firewall in front of the Triconex OPC server to thwart attacks and traffic storms before they reach the safety and critical control system. It automatically mitigates risks related to previously published DCOM vulnerabilities, while providing packet management and rate limiting to prevent network traffic problems that could have an adverse effect on the stability of the safety system.

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