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Bridge Profibus/ Modbus-TCP Networks

The Anybus X-gateway enables system integrators to transfer I/O data between two different PLC systems and networks.

Aw 1718 1006 Hms
It is a configurable stand-alone gateway that allows plant-floor devices on a Profibus network to communicate with the devices on a Modbus-TCP network and vice versa. Typical applications are installations with mixed usage of Siemens and Schneider Electric, ABB or GE PLCs. It functions as a server (slave) on the Modbus-TCP network and as a master on the Profibus side. The Profibus master functionality is configured with the vendor’s Anybus NetTool for Profibus, a Windows-based configuration tool provided with the gateway. Up to 124 Profibus slaves can be connected. The gateway also uses an embedded Web server on the Modbus-TCP side which supports Web-based remote diagnostics and visualization. It contains Profibus and Modbus-TCP communication interfaces that have been certified for full compliance to the respective protocol standards.
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