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Aviator Area Scan Camera Series

Basler Vision Technologies is adding two new camera models to its aviator area scan camera series.

The new mono and color camera models feature 31 frames per second speed at 2330 x 1750 pixel resolution and a Camera Link interface.

The new aviator models are equipped with Kodak’s latest KAI-4050 CCD sensor. This state-of-the-art sensor provides superior image quality, even at high image capture rates. Basler aviator cameras provide progressive scan readout and global shutter technology.

With a starting list price of 1,790€ for the 1 megapixel model, the aviator camera series offers an exceptional price/performance ratio. And because machine throughput can be increased due to the higher frame rate, aviator cameras are very attractive for redesigning machines that currently use cameras based on earlier Kodak sensors. Existing applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, metrology, medical imaging, or traffic applications can be optimized with a comparatively low investment.

As a result of Basler’s extensive Camera Link interface and Kodak sensor experience, the Basler aviator offers excellent imaging results in terms of dynamic range and noise level, factors that will be measured and documented during the production of each camera using automated EMVA 1288 sensitivity testing.

To perform camera configuration, the aviator offers both the register-based type of interface commonly used with Camera Link cameras and a C/C++ high level programming API based on Basler's pylon platform. The Basler pylon driver and SDK package supports a more modern programming style and easier integration into software programs. The Basler pylon SDK includes extensive documentation and more than 100 code samples for quick integration results.

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