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Machine Vision Systems

Boulder Imaging, Inc. will be formally announcing the Vision Inspector line at AIA's The Vision Show in Boston (Hynes Convention Center), May 24-27, 2010.

Our Vision Inspector line is composed of three systems: the Benchmark, Guardian and Beacon.

The Benchmark is designed to provide highly detailed "off-line" quality inspection and measurement of 2D parts and materials. Benchmark is perfect for first article and/or random quality control inspection as well as 100% part inspection. With measurement down to the micron level, you can be assured that your precision parts are in full compliance with specifications.

The Guardian monitors your manufacturing equipment to ensure it is operating within desired performance parameters. When a machine malfunctions the Guardian generates immediate notifications and is able to slow or stop the assembly line or take other actions as desired.

The Beacon is our premier "in-line" quality inspection and control system. Beacon inspects 2D and cylindrical parts for any flaws or defects and informs humans or robotic systems to take appropriate segregation action. The Beacon is able to perform defect characterization as well, giving you real time intelligence as to where in the production process the defect was introduced. Beacon’s high performance and flexible design makes it one of most advanced vision inspection systems available.

The strength of our offering is that each of the Vision Inspector systems provides the means to extrapolate critical forensic data for root cause analysis. Reducing the amount of ambiguity in a manufacturing environment is absolutely critical to maximizing efficiencies. For example, when the Benchmark informs you of parts not conforming to specifications you can now identify system issues such as a wrong tool, CNC programming errors, and other manufacturing process issues. As the Guardian monitors your machines you can use its high resolution recording capability to investigate and determine the root cause of a machine’s malfunctions as well as staff response to such incidents. The Beacon’s ability to categorize and store defect types reveals issues such as defective source materials, machine defect rates, faulty calibration or drifting, etc.

Consistent with Boulder Imaging’s Flex Architectural design, the Benchmark, Guardian, and Beacon provide highly flexible and customizable solutions. Any of the Vision Inspector systems can be tied together and fully integrated to deliver maximum manufacturing environmental awareness, control, and efficiency.

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