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CH20M electronic component housing system

Weidmuller announces the introduction of the new CH20M electronic component housing system.

Aw 1783 1005 Weidmuller Pr

The IP20-rated CH20M line of housings is designed specifically for electronic assemblies with DIN-rail mounting in electrical cabinets or distribution systems. Its modular design provides OEMs and end users a high level of flexibility and versatility, while using standard, off-the-shelf components. This new housing system is currently available in widths from 6mm to 45mm, and sizes up to 67.5mm wide will be available in the near future.

The CH20M's extensive range of configurations means easy customization for almost any application. The housings and connector release levers are available in several colors, and housings can be customized with customer-specific logos, instructions, or wiring diagrams. Application-specific information can also be printed on the front cover, as well as tabs attached to the plug release levers. All of these custom options allow OEMs to promote their brand without the high cost and long lead times associated with custom products.

Weidmuller's CH20M provides a high level of application flexibility, and offers designers a maximum amount of circuit board area. A choice of several different side panel options give OEMs a wide range of connection configurations. In addition, up to three levels of pluggable I/O - totaling up to 72 connections per housing - make the CH20M one of the highest density housings on the market. The CH20M pin headers are suitable for SMT/THR reflow soldering, and are available in tape and reel packaging for automated placement. All of these features deliver the greatest level of functionality in the smallest possible footprint.

As with any Weidmuller product, safety is built in to the design. Every connection point is finger-safe, and each plug incorporates an innovative captive key-coding feature that prevents accidental miss mating. This feature allows the OEM or user to set each plug for one of 16 coding combinations, and permanently transfers that code to the header. Easy-to-use release levers incorporated into the plugs ensure that wires stay connected when the plug is disconnected.

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