Read Blurred/Damaged Barcodes

The DataMan 100 QL and 200 QL fixed-mount readers offer best-in-class 1D barcode reading performance, says the vendor.

Aw 1816 1005 Cgnx
The readers feature 1DMax, a new 1D code reading algorithm designed to read blurred or damaged codes and to successfully handle quiet-zone violations that can occur when codes are printed close to the edge of a label. In addition, a software upgrade enables users to read 2D Data Matrix codes or QR codes as well as 1D barcodes if application needs change. A set-up tool includes an image archiving feature that enables users to store images of read failures and download them to a PC in order to diagnose the root cause of a problem. In addition, a new software version, DataMan 3.5, adds 1DMax for best-in-class 1D barcode reading, leverages a new industrial USB driver for indestructible USB connections, and adds Ethernet/IP with Add-On-Profile support for DataMan 200 models.

Cognex Corp.

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